About the Author ~ Stephanie Van De Ven

cropped-cropped-cropped-book-social-media-pic-3-e14441368466361.jpegSpiritual single Mom and lifetime lover of writing, Stephanie Van De Ven found her way from a turbulent beginning in life to a positive, abundant and happy place simply because of choice and the power of positivity.

She never, ever gives up – no matter what challenge comes into her life.

Being adopted, and raising a beautiful son cracked open her soul with new found joy. Having had a series of tough life events, she chose to take on each situation with positivity. Consciously choosing her thoughts truly molded her way into becoming an advocate of positive, passionate parenting as well as writing.

Have you ever had a burning desire? For Stephanie, it has always been writing. Simply put: It is what sparked her “soul” purpose and keeps that light shining brightly inside of her every single day. Stephanie and her son practice using kindness, love and positivity as often as they can and notice the difference in their lives as a result.

They had the blessing of having “Birdy”- a beautiful, bright orange canary as a part of their family until sadly one day Birdy passed. This affected them profoundly and propelled Stephanie into writing a series of poetry that appeals to and heals all ages.

Currently, they live in a beautiful town in Southwestern Ontario, Canada where they fill their life with love, laughter, “I AM’s” and the affirmation that:

“Nice always comes back”!



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