The Nest & The Tree

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This Poem, an excerpt from my first Children’s Book: The Birdy Book Series was inspired by the beautiful trees we have in Canada. I noticed how strong and resilient they are, weathering any storm, and always keeping their “Birdy’s” safe.

A nest and a tree is what Mama Birdy’s love means to Birdy.. strength, endurance, the feeling that you’re never alone and the cozy place that you call home.

I think it’s important to teach our kids that HOME is their ” safe place” where they can explore, engage, evolve in the safety and strength of their adults love, encouragement and lessons.

Here are some of my suggestions on keeping a home “safe”:

– post a list of positive affirmations near your kids beds so they can read, practice and recite daily

– involve them in decisions like their lunches, snacks and chores so that they feel included, respected and valued within your family

– take time daily to let them know you love them, they are doing great and you’re so glad they are a part of your life

– implement ” brag & drag” conversations at dinner time: ” What’s one drag, and one brag about your day”

– keep a positive jar at home, work together with your kids to fill it up full of positive words, memories, ideas and things you can do to keep positive and kind! Pick from the jar whenever you feel inspired!

– allow time to talk about spirituality & faith ( whatever it may be)

Stay tuned for more!

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