Two published Authors in one family!

I am SO VERY PROUD of my son, who allowed me to share his story about what the Angels do/say in Heaven with Dr. Wayne W. Dyer!

Today, I received an email from Dr.Wayne Dyer’s personal assistant who requested I sign a Hay House waiver to allow Noah’s story to be published in his new & upcoming book!!!!!

Click below to see Wayne’s Blog about it and when the book is published I will be sure to spread the word globally!!!!!


Check out my website & book coming soon! Two published writers in the same family!! &


The Birdy Book focuses on positive affirmations for kids, positive lessons, reflection sections, and SO much more love-able words in melodic poetry that is catchy, cute and compassionate!

It’s geared toward kids ages 4-7 but I’ll let you in on a little secret…. ( shhhh!!)

This book is FOR ALL !!





Learning how to fly

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