What are people saying!?

” In the Birdy Books, Stephanie fills our hearts with spiritually uplifting affirmations and encourages timeless values to help us be our best at any age.”- Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Best Ever You Network CEO & Hay House Author of Percolate

” My Mommy and me LOVE The Birdy Book because it makes us happy.”  – Kyla -Waterloo, Age 5

” If we had more writers of Children’s Books like Steph Van De Ven, parents would have a much easier time instilling positive attitudes in their children. The Birdy Books are like handing your child perfect pearls of wisdom they can use for the rest of their lives. The teachings in these books can be crucial to a child’s emotional wellness, which are predominantly formed in the imprint phase.” – Nate Hager, Master CYF Life Coach Consultant, Hypnotist, MTLT, MPRAC

” I thought this book was a book for babies, but then when my Dad and I started reading it and practicing the affirmations, we both felt good and we talked a lot more. I think it’s a book for everyone – not just kids.” – Jay E. London, ON Age 8

” I’ve been a Teacher for more years than I can count and once in a while, a book will come my way and I find myself amazed that I am still learning more and more every single day. The Birdy Book reminded me about speaking with my students and instilling positive affirmations as well as being mindful of making good choices – it’s these simple little things that can shape our children’s way of thinking and doing for a positive, and successful future. Well done Ms. Van De Ven!” – Mrs. M, Catholic School Board, Ontario.

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